Nvt thresher


NVT Maize thresher is specialized thresher for maize crop. It can operate on the 30 HP and above tractor. We have 2 feeding system in it. One of them is bucket system which have roller in it and the second system is of conveyor. There is a little difference of costing in both the feeding system. According to the personal preference and need of farmer we install the feeding system. From other threshers it have difference in weight which make it affordable for the farmers. But it is specialized for only maize crop.

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Good quality of bearing, pulley, bracket, tyres, safet, gear, belts used in the NVT FARMING MACHINE (THRESHER).

Brand is from since 2002. Services are one of the most important thing that is provided by the company, our company provide 24/7 service to the customer.

Nvt thresher

Decrease your manpower by using latest technology in thresher and increase your moneypower.

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