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NVT GROUNDNUT THRESHER (MUNGFALI THRESHER) is mainly used to to get crop like groundnut (mungfali). All India delivery is also available for this NVT POWER THRESHER MACHINE. Only 2 persons required to operate this thresher. It helps you in threshing crops like mungfali (groundnut), chole, mung, moth. In the reports it is noticed that it gives upto 20 quintel mungfali (groundnut). There are a lot of special things present on GROUNDNUT (MUNGFALI) THRESHER that make it different for others like

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Good quality of bearing, pulley, bracket, tyres, safet, gear, belts used in the NVT FARMING MACHINE (THRESHER).

Brand is from since 2002. Services are one of the most important thing that is provided by the company, our company provide 24/7 service to the customer.

Nvt thresher

Decrease your manpower by using latest technology in thresher and increase your moneypower.

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